La Traviata

The famous opera La Traviata by Guiseppe Verdi staged by RUN OPERUN explores what is still an acceptable norm in social relationships and what is not. How would your friends & family react if you brought home a famous womaniser, courtesan, someone of the same sex, or a drag queen? Where has the threshold of tolerance shifted since the premiere of the provocative opera La Traviata? We want to fulfil the original intention of the opera and draw the attention to the “modern man”, who is still pressured by the court of public opinion.

In its production of La Traviata, RUN OPERUN joined forces with an established dancing ensemble PLAYboyz under the direction of a choreographer Martin Talaga, who has long studied the themes of nudity, sexuality and queerness. The choir was replaced by drag queens and the music was enriched through electronic elements. Top Czech and foreign performers, with whom both ensembles were cooperating for a long time, were cast in singing and choral roles.

Collaboration with  PLAYBOYZ

The ensemble PLAYboyz focuses on dance and physical theatre, performance and experimental theatre (SYNovial, SOMA a SOMA workshops, Faunus, Homo Sensorium a PiNKBUS). In 2020, the ensemble introduced a new creative platform called PiNKBUS through which the ensemble entered its new creative phase. The creators managed to combine the underground drag & queer scene with professional artists (Jaroslav Vinařský, Nela Kornetová, Katarzia, Just Karen, Tonic ad.). The PLAYboyz ensemble thereby established the first platform for queer art in Prague.

Watch footage of the performance


Photos by: Jonathan Machander, Apolena Vondrášková


Roxane Choux

Szymon Patrylak

Luis Carlos Hernandez Luque

Andrij Škurhan

Eliška Gattringerová

Tomáš Procházka (La Cuntessa)

Daniel Kfelíř

Jan Janda

Vladimír John

Drag Queens:
Just Karen
Tonic Garbage
Radim Klásek
Chlorophyll von Needle

Kristýna Fílová
Victor Tarasov
Pedro Willing
Jarek Lambor


Artistic Concept:
Veronika Loulová & Martin Talaga

Musical Staging:
Ahmad Hedar

Musical Arrangement:
Tanita Yanková

Matěj Kos

Costum Design:
Vojtěch Hanyš

Make-up Art: 
Justina Urbanová

Light Design:
Miriam Čandíková
Anna-Marie Maxera

Sound Design:
Juraj Mišejka
Michal Brůna
Jan Středa
Graphic Design:
Jáchym Moravec
Marek Bulíř
David Babka

Andrea Gajová
Vojtěch Bašta

Johana Minářová
Stefan Jurasko

Scenography Assistant:
Dušan Prekop
Jiří Procházka

MUA Assistant:
Eva Valešová
Julie Dočekalová

Assistant to the director:
Vladimír John

Musical Staging Assistant:
Jan Mára

Štěpán Drtina
Head of Production:
Adriána Spišáková

Music Production:
Johana Matunová

Marketing and PR:
Mahulena Vondrášková

Technical production:
Štěpán Hejzlar

Martina Watzková
Vilma Bořkovec

Music Production Assistant:
Anna Šlachtová

PR Production Assistant:
Barbora Hamáčková

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