“If you won’t come to opera,
opera will come to you!!”

RUN OPERUN is an artist collective founded in 2015. Our main aspiration is to bring opera closer to the kind of audience that might feel detached from this genre. The collective responds to the current global affairs & trends, and seeks to set opera on an equal footing with other artistic genres.

The artists behind  operatic productions are mostly students or graduates of directing, dramaturgy, scenography, design, acting, singing, musical instruments and music production. The overarching aim of the collective is to create a community of artists where each member has the opportunity to freely express their values, which are then consulted with other members. This allows our artistic ensemble to develop comprehensive projects with a clear vision. Moreover, the current management of RUN OPERUN will soon become the new management of the operatic section of the Moravian Theatre in Olomouc. Veronika Loulová will become the new general director for opera and operetta, Vilma Bořkovec will take over the position of chief dramaturge, and Adriána Spišáková will become the new head of management.

The founder of our organisation is Veronika Loulová; an opera director who has been involving various artists and professionals in this project since she was nineteen. Since then, she and her colleagues have received repeated support from several important Czech institutions, such as the Prague City Hall, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Our team

Veronika Kos Loulová
Artistic Director

Vilma Bořkovec
Directing and Dramaturgy

Ahmad Hedar
Music Department

Anna Novotná Pešková
Music Collaboration

Adriána Spišáková
Production and Fundraising

Mahulena Vondrášková
Marketing and PR

Tomáš Vondráček
Technical Production

Martina Watzková

Matěj Kos

Judita Mejstříková
Light design

Justina Urbanová
Make-up Art 

Vojtěch Hanyš
Costume Design

Marek Bulíř, Jáchym Moravec, David Babka
Graphic Art and Animation

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