Opera Party Surprise made just for you!

Flashmob is for all the attendees an unexpected artistic event, which usually takes place in a public space and does not last longer than 15 minutes.

In the operatic version of a flashmob, we usually dress opera singers as waiters, bartenders, security guards, or even make them blend in with the guests. Then, we just wait for the appropriate moment to surprise the guests with opera.

The demands on dramaturgy are ever-growing and we can provide you with the unique opportunity to bring something new and original to your events.

We approach each event with a distinct flair and above all, we seek to provide a programme tailor-made to your needs.

Apart from staging classical operas, RUN OPERUN has been specialising in opera flashmobs for many years. We prepare original shows that evoke aesthetic experiences worthy of remembrance. We carefully deliberate on how to excite on-lookers with art, especially in places where they least expect it. Our services are often provided to firms, companies or other collectives who are eager to make flashmobs a part of their programme during corporate events, conferences, celebrations and other social gatherings.

We have performed at the most exclusive events, for instance, we have performed for Louis Vuitton at Prague Castle, we also performed for a company in The Estate Theatre. Among our other satisfied clients are Komercni Banka, the Lobkowicz palace, Deloitte, Bosch, Diplomatico, Toyota, Aerofilms, Alove diamonds, Prague Classic Awards, KBPS, BTL Medical Technologies, Bohemian Heritage Fund and many others…

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