La Voix Humaine

The opera La voix humaine is an intimate monodrama about a woman - that is, her voice, body and mind - in conflict with the male, often uncompromising, world. In the opera, Francis Poulenc presents a cult of female beauty without heroic embellishments and any sort of romanticization. In many dimensions and shades, this story slowly reveals not only a fragile woman in the weakest moments of uncertainty but also in waves of the deepest hysteria. Despair alternates with audacity; flirtation evolves into an intense inner struggle. After less than an hour of opera, the spectator comes to identify with the whirlwind of emotion that is all conveyed by music, scenography and other artistic components. As a result, the spectator gets to internalise intense emotions through all kinds of art.

The composer Francis Poulenc created this masterpiece based on the work of the writer and French cultural figure - Jean Cocteau. Therefore, Poulenc not only aimed to emphasise the female position in the world but also aspired to highlight how it is affected by the technological development of his era. The opera depicts a phone call. A break-up over the phone. An intense, intimate, interpersonal break-up with a partner through an 'impersonal medium' that distances one soul from the other - a telephone.



Eliška Gattringerová
/Tamara Morozová

František Piřík:                                    
Adam Mensdorff
/ Václav Loula

Veronika Loulová
Musical staging & Piano:
Ahmad Hedar

Matěj Kos

Light Design:
Judita Mejstříková
Costume Design:
Vojtěch Hanyš

Make-up Art:
Justina Urbanová

Ondřej Melíšek
Mahulena Vondrášková

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