14. 6. 2023 Bike Jesus
21:00 - 00:00 

If you don't come to the opera, the opera will come to you - maybe even to a rave. We bring to the Prague stage something between Berghain and Bayreuth.

We are introducing a new dimension of partying, where it will make sense that you dance to classical and electro music at the same time. With this concept we are coming to the pulsating heart of the Prague club scene - Bike Jesus. By combining opera singers*, DJs and techno atmosphere, this will create OPERAVE. Don't expect a performance or a concert - we'll bring elements of opera to the rave as it should be. Opera and electro music will become equal partners. Entertainment will be provided by Noisy Pots, Tanita Yank, and opera singers Bella Adamova and Kristýna Kůstková.

At OPERAVE, we break down the barriers between the glitzy opera culture and the nightlife of the raves, building on the values where both musical worlds can work together. You will feel comfortable regardless of which genre you prefer.

The project was supported by the Prague Quadrienalle, PerformCzech, the Prague 7 Municipality and the OSA Grant Programme.

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Photos by: Josef Kader Agha, Svatopluk Ručka

Artists & production

Noisy Pots – Jakub Tengler
a Michal Šupak 
Tanita Yankova 
Bella Adamova 
Kristýna Kůstková

Martina Watzková
Mahulena Vondrášková

Sound design:
Michal Brůna

Make-up artist:
Justina Urbanová

Vojtěch Hanyš

Svatopluk Ručka

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