Rusalka at Povaleč

The opera Rusalka is a touching story about a supernatural water creature that falls in love with a prince. However, in our production, we do not perceive the story within a fairy-tale context; where the fight between good and evil or the contrast between the world of men and the world of fairy-tale creatures seem to be dominant. Rather, in this production we present Rusalka more like a psychological horror, where we highlight the hideousness of the aquatic world and the frivolousness of the human world. All in all, we point out individual aspects of the characters' actions in a darker light. Why are the Mermaids trapped in the lake? Why does their relationship with their patriarchal father-figure Vodnik resembles Stockholm Syndrome rather than a family atmosphere?  Who is the Moon that everyone is looking up to?


Photos: Marie Anna Borovková, Mahulena Vondrášková


Soňa Godarská

The Prince:
Daniel Matoušek

Ježibaba (a witch)/The Foreign Princess:
Oksana Nagirna
First wood sprite:
Veronika Holcová

Second wood sprite/
Kitchen boy:

Tereza Růžičková

Third wood sprite:
Eliška Zajícová
Vodník (a water goblin):
Jan Janda

Gamekeeper / Hunter:
Daniel Kfelíř


Veronika Loulová  
Vilma Klepková

Music Staging and piano:
Ahmad Hedar

Judita Mejstříková
Marek Špitálský

Costume design:
Vojtěch Hanych

Make-up Art:
Justina Urbanová

Light Design:
Tomáš Vondráček

Light Engineer:
Šimon Janiček

Sound Design:
Jakub Klimeš

Anastázie Slavíčková,
Adriána Spišáková,
Jáchym Vrecion,
Iva Gattringerová

Marketing and PR:
Mahulena Vondrášková

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