Rusalka at Stalin's 

The famous Czech opera Rusalka by Antonín Dvořák, as presented by RUN OPERUN, faces the contrast of today’s world - which in her eyes embodies the great unknown but is also a source of incredible excitement. Thus, the inhospitable norms of contemporary society do not intimidate her from falling in love with a stranger. Love attracts the main heroine so much that she abandons the dictates of the supernatural world, which is governed by Vodnik (the water goblin). But she soon finds out what all the superficial charms of real-world courtship can do with her deep feelings. In this sense, the spectator becomes a witness of a timeless struggle that withstands the power of time. Run OpeRun thus presents Rusalka not only as the victim of industrialised cities but also as a victim of a hundred-and-twenty years old story taking place in a pulsating city on hot summer days.


Photos by: Marie Anna Borovková


Soňa Godarská

The Prince:
Daniel Matoušek

Ježibaba (a witch)/
Foreign Princess:

Petra Vondrová

First wood sprite:
Eva Kývalová

Second wood sprite/
Kitchen boy:

Tereza Růžičková

Third wood sprite:
Eliška Zajícová

Vodník (the water goblin):
Jan Janda

Daniel Kfelíř


Veronika Loulová

Musical Staging:
Ahmad Hedar 

Live Set:
Kryštof Kříček alias Kurisutaru 

Vilma Bořkovec

Matěj Kos

Grafic design/

Jáchym Moravec 

Light Design:
Tomáš Vondráček 

Sound Design:
Michal Brůna 

Costume Design:  
Vojtěch Hanyš

Make-up Art:
Justina Urbanová 

Head of Production:
Adriána Spišáková 

Music production:
Johana Matunová 

Marketing and PR:
Mahulena Vondrášková

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