The Logic of Chaos

This original production examines the effects of small neurotic disorders and obsessions on normal social situations. This project, among other things, stems from the fascination we derive from observing reality, whilst also acknowledging that our limited perspective prevents us from capturing reality as a whole. Our vision is distorted by several tiny factors, which prevent us from appreciating everyday situations in all of their complexity. Through our self-absorption, we often interpret various situations only through our narrow vision. Self-censorship or, conversely, high self-esteem then becomes the main mediator of our comprehension of social situations and their interpretations. Insecurity and fear paralyse us. We tend to attach greater importance to our own perspective than it actually has in the grand scheme of things.

Four strangers reply to the same newspaper advertisement and they meet in the same apartment belonging to a strange man: a shy lady, a blunt conspirator, a driver suffering from an anxiety disorder, and a mysterious woman, who constantly holds her phone and often disappears into the same room. Everyone has their own obsession, which they manage to hide with varying degrees of success. What brought them there? Why do they repeatedly and willingly bring themselves into uncomfortable situations? Can they overcome the mental barriers brought upon them by their own minds? The kernel of the directorial concept lies in the fact that both the libretto and the music were created based on collective improvisation built upon a simple thematic framework.

The opera Logic of Chaos by RUN OPERUN premiered on September 1, 2021, in the experimental space NOD, which also served as a residence for its creation.


Photos by: Vojtěch Brtnický


Milan Vedral

Eliška Gattringerová

Raman Hasymau

Eva Esterková/Kristýna Kůstková

Martin Vodrážka


Vilma Bořkovec
Barbora Pokorná
a kolektiv

Composition of Music:
Kryštof Kříček
Václav Havelka

Vilma Bořkovec

Music collaboration:
Anna Novotná Pešková

Music Improvisation Coach:
Bella Adamova

Vilma Bořkovec

Barbora Pokorná

Helena Šťávová Ratajová

Anna Pospíšilová

Costume design:
Vojtěch Hanyš

Light design:
Judita Mejstříková

Make-up Art:
Justina Urbanová

David Ramdan

Martina Watzková
Adriána Spišáková

Marketing & PR:
Mahulena Vondrášková

Music production:
Johana Matunová

PR production Assistant:
Barbora Hamáčková

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