The Operatic Enema

The all-star underworld of the opera scene, Run OpeRun presents itself annually in an original and lavish production. The production is a grandiose Cabarete delicacy, where the viewer can see just on one stage everything from the operatic version of Like a Virgin and I’m a Barbie Girl to a serious political debate Only Dvořák and Smetana or the GenyThalie Awards.

Although, the “Operatic Enema” is a somewhat surprising title, for someone maybe even a shocking title, the principle behind it is simple. It can be described in three words: performance, bizarrerie and party. Several young opera divas and Pavarottis are faced with improvisation. This handful of artists is thrown into a whirlpool of satire filled with political and social jokes. The audience can look forward to seeing a total clash of civilisations and cultural worlds, which is something definitely worth seeing! Whether the singers can withstand all of this depends only on them and on the support of the audience! And so, during these performances, everyone will find a reason to laugh!


Photos by: Vojtěch Brtnický


Opera Singers:
Eliška Gattringerová
Eva Kývalová
Adriana Žigmundová
Jakub Hliněnský
Jan Janda
Vladimír John
Ahmad Hedar

And others!

Vilma Bořkovec
Veronika Loulová

Musical staging and piano: 
Tomáš Pindór

Matěj Kos

Animation /

Judita Mejstříková

Costume and  Make-up:
Justina Urbanová

Eliška Gattringerová
Vladimír John

Mahulena Vondrášková
Johana Matunová
Adriána Spišáková

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